September 1, 2017



What Is Alpha?

Alpha is an opportunity for each person to explore the validity of the Christian faith as it relates to their life today. It’s a respectful presentation on many facets of Christianity with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

WHERE: NewDay Church

COST: The cost will be $5.00 per night (includes materials and meal). Free childcare with meal is available.

Who Should Attend Alpha?

People attend from all backgrounds, religions, and viewpoints. They come to investigate questions about the existence of God, the purpose of life, the afterlife, the claims of Jesus and more. Some want to get beyond religion and find a relationship with God that will really change their life. Others come for the close, long-lasting friendships that are built during The Alpha Course.

Many guests have never been to church, others may have attended church occasionally but feel they have never really understood the basics of the Christian faith. Everyone is welcome.

What Happens At Alpha?

Each gathering begins with a meal and a chance to get to know others. Then there is some music and a short talk which looks at a different aspect of the Christian faith. This is followed by a time of discussion in small groups, where everyone is welcome to contribute their opinion and ask questions. People usually stay in the same small groups for the duration of the course so they can get to know each other, continue discussions and deepen friendships. 

Not Sure?

You are welcome to come check it out the first night, our treat. The fee will be collected when you return for the second session.