November 29, 2017

River Valley School of Worship


What a school day looks like:

12:00-12:15 - Arrival, refreshments, greeting/welcome

12:15-12:30 - Gathering

12:30-1:00   - Worship

1:00-2:15     - Session #1

2:15-2:30     - Break

2:30-3:30     - Session #2 (Breakout sessions / hands-on session / small groups / etc)

3:30               - Classroom session ends

3:30-5:00     - Dinner Break (Brown bag or local restaurants)

5:00-6:15     - Worship Rehearsal (Saturday Evening Team)

6:30-8:30     - Saturday Encounter Service

Topic Schedule   aka  The Journey:

1ST HALF = THE HEART --- Sets the perspective

2ND HALF = THE PRACTICAL --- Flows from the perspective

"The Heart Of It All" --- Stripping away all of the trappings of comparison, pride, formulas and etc. Reconnecting with Jesus.

"Worship Translated" Part 1 --- Breaking down and applying the worship and praise words used in Scripture.

"Kingdom Perspective on Worship" --- Going out of our minds in worship.

"The Anointing"--- What it is. How to carry, steward and increase in it.

"Leading A Congregation In Worship" --- Discerning direction and the art of leading a room in response to the Spirit.

"Playing Together As A Band" --- How to be a band of individuals and yet play as one.

"Planning a Set List & How To Learn A Song" --- Themes, dynamics and keys in set planning. Also looking at a proven method for learning songs.

"Sound Engineering & Mixing" --- How to use your sound board and sound system.

"Songwriting" --- Everyone carries a song. How to craft your own song of worship.